Badlands and a Bit of Bad Luck

So ten hours on the road took us from Wisconsin to South Dakota. Let me tell you, it was hectic to say the least. Just when we’d thought we’d made it to a rest stop for the night, we found out that South Dakota has a maximum three hour limit for passenger vehicles. So onward it was to our destination: Badlands National Park. We pulled up in total darkness (it is the new moon so nothing but our headlights and the stars to guide us. And though there were indeed a plethora of stars, nothing could top the unending darkness. And so it was a great surprise to wake up this morning to the beautiful prairie horizon. I wish every morning started with a surprise like this. So I did what I could to snap a few pictures of the quickly growing light across the stone peaks. After much needed showers (I was quite ripe) we headed to the visitor center to collect some information on the area. It was then that we discovered the leak: a nice little trail of coolant coming from god only knows where. Normally I wouldn’t be intimidated by this. In fact, I’m usually happy to work on the truck. But in my new circumstances (no garage, no tools, no access to anything and the truck being my home), I was sad to say the least. So after careful nursing to the nearest garage (33 miles away) we got the help of a super friendly local. So now I wait for my baby back. Good thing we have reserve funds! This is what the rainy day fund is for, right?